How do you define “Use it Well” ?

These past few weeks I have been sitting down and asking myself WHY whenever I’m feeling a want, need, or fear of something. After listening to a few podcasts, one specifically of Tim Ferriss interviewing Ricardo Semlar, Ricardo talked about how the meaning of why will help you realize if something is important enough or not. Most people have their first why explained and it’s already made up in their head. It could be something with work and because you were told this is the way it is, you can only explain it to someone else on a surface level. But, Ricardo said if you asked at least 3 why’s to the one problem, it would force you to come up with true meaning. If there wasn’t a clear understanding of the why, then it needed to change. When I read this quote today, it got me thinking about how everyone defines “using it well” when referring to life and why they think of it in their unique way. Was it situations that brought them to their definition or was it role models through out their life? What makes people truly feel satisfied in their life?

I find it beautiful that my definition and what I imagine from this quote is different from so many other people.

To me, “using it well” is learning from my mistakes. Just a few years ago I would have read this post and instantly thought my life was meant to grind for the dollar and work non-stop. If I would have climbed to the top of the pyramid, I thought I would have used my life well. But now I see this quote in a different light; it means living a life I am deeply happy in through the progression of personal development. 

Personal development is in every facet of your life; It gets you from point A to point B.

I want to become a better person for others through my attitude and my empathy. I also feel at peace when I beat to my own drum, not societies standard way of living makes me feel like I am doing something wrong when I’m not squeezing every hour of my precious time making money or watching tv.

For me, I had to ask myself why I wasn’t writing anymore. And doing this more often has helped me breathe again and find more meaning in my life.

So I urge you to find that old hobby you were passionate about and make some time for it. Grow and teach yourself something new that you were afraid of doing. If you give yourself excuses about restarting your passion or hobby, ask yourself why three times. You will find your solution and reasoning.

What does “use it well” mean for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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