Eat Less Crap


CRAP- It’s the food we all crave that gives a signal to our brain that it will make us happy. But, once you finish eating those donuts or chips, how do you feel? For me, it’s either sleepy, bloated, guilt, or all four feelings in one. Food shouldn’t make you feel sleepy or bloated. These are two signs that you are working against your body than with it. If you’re eating anything that comes from a package, it’s most likely chemically processed with preservatives. Your body doesn’t know how to break those chemicals down, so it stores them as fat. Overtime eating chemically processed and artificial foods create a plethora of  health issues, and it doesn’t help you live a full energetic life. Without health we have nothing, so FOOD is our best source of maintaining that.

FOOD- Is nutritious for the body, and works with you to create long lasting energy all day. If you eat a fresh salad that you made from home with leafy greens, broccoli, peas, cabbage, beans, avocado, tomatoes, sprouts, watercress, and carrots, how do you think you would feel? Each of these vegetables has a source of vitamins and minerals in them and they break down into your body and work with you versus against you to create an “I Can do anything” type of attitude. Getting the raw nutrition without steaming these vegetables will give you the maximum amount of energy to finish the day strong, while losing weight and feeling more confident. FOOD is a lifestyle choice, not a diet. It takes a couple weeks for your body to do this switch and create energy from your food since it is normally looking for caffeine or carbonated drinks to do the trick. It is important to create a routine with your food to create a lifestyle change and make food you energy source to give you multiple benefits as you age. When you switch, the goal is to create a diary on how you feel each night after eating FOOD versus CRAP. That is how you will be able to give yourself the nudge that this lifestyle change is worth it because of the benefits it’s doing to your body and overall wellness.



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