My Life Bucket List

If I had a dime for every time I said, “Adding that to my bucket list” I would be on my next vacation right now. Something cool is posted online and I add it to my bucket list which is unfortunately in my head. I remember for about a day or so and then POOF, it’s gone! The only time I remember it is if it’s brought up again, or I see someone else who did it. So today is the day I change. Today I’m writing down everything that I remember and things I’ve done. My fellow readers comment below on anything you have done, want to do, so we can add more to our lists.

-Visit all 7 continents

-Get scuba certified

-Bungee jump from a cliff

-Eat bolognese (ragu) in Bologna 

-Sky dive

-Write a book and get it published

-Scuba the great barrier reef

-Hike the cinque terre trail

-Live in a different state than where i’m from

-See the Cursed Child play in London

-Meditate in Bali

-Start a blog

-Visit Petra, Jordan

-Go to all the Harry Potter locations

-Drink wine in italy

-See the Northern lights

-Visit Taj Mahal

-Sleep in an igloo

-Ride a gondola and get serenaded in Venice 

-Get married to the love of my life

-Have kids

-Ride a donkey in the grand canyon

-Travel alone 

-Go in a hot air balloon

-Pet a penguin

-Go to an oxygen bar

-Visit Blue Grotto in Capri

-Visit Tibidabo in Barcelona 

-Visit the Maldives

-Buy my dream house

-Make a scrapbook full of memories

-Visit the amazon rainforest

-Run with the bulls

-See coldplay in concert live

-See adele live in concert 

-Make a wish a Fountain di Trevi 

-Ride an elephant in Thailand

-Get lost in a foreign country 

-Go to burning man

-Ride a 3 person bike 

-Stay in an underwater hotel

-Write a short story

-Excel in a new job

-Say yes all day

-Visit Croatia

-Drive California’s coast

-Hike an active volcano in Hawaii

-Put my feet in every ocean

-Go on a girls trip to Vegas

-Invest in real estate

-Go to Harry Potter world in Universal

-Experience the 4 seasons


The point is we only have so much time here on earth. Everything is temporary so we need to make it count. Please share with me your goals for the future and if you like what you read, don’t forget to subscribe and get added to the group. Happy reading!



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